Integration with Subiekt GT

We offer the solution that is fully compatible with our philosophy – easy and user-friendly that automatically exchanges data between Subiekt GT and qcadoo MES. In both directions!

Integracja qcadoo MES z Subiekt GT

Master data exchange

Data from Subiekt GT about products, units and companies can be automatically exchanged with qcadoo MES. You can specify which product groups are visible for production, what is a raw material and what is intermediate. Conversion units for every product will be synchronized with qcadoo MES. In the opposite direction – products created in qcadoo MES can be automatically added in Subiekt GT which can be useful in the process of creating technologies in qcadoo MES.

Customer orders

Every customer order will be automatically converted to production order. Of course, your production manager has to accept it in order to use it for production.

Material requirements

Based on the order from the customer and technology for the products on it, qcadoo MES checks in Subiekt GT if every necessary product is in stock and based on this it allows or not to start the production order. In addition, there is possibility to automatically reserve raw materials for particular order, so no other process can use them.

Warehoues integration

As work on the order progress further, warehouse stock in Subiekt GT will be automatically updated based on real material usage for particular production order. Everything that you manufacture – both final and intermediate products will be received on warehouse stock.

Automatic batch traceability

For companies that need to have full traceability for raw materials and final products there is the possibility to track what particular batches have been used in given production order. qcadoo MES automatically gets from Subiekt GT what batches have been used from deliveries in specific operations.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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