Product genealogy

Even the best-managed production companies, with perfectly matched quality control systems can experience a situation where a raw material will have a defect. In such a case it is important to detect it quickly and check in which products it was used. The Genealogy feature of qcadoo MES comes in handy here.

Batch registration

qcadoo MES allows for quick recording of batches of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. This may be done automatically by recording the batches of products received from stock operations or manually. You may also assign specific batches to specific orders or record the batches used.

Batch traceability

Tracking of batches (traceability) in qcadoo MES is performed in several ways. We may check what has been manufactured from a given batch of products or which batches of raw materials have been used for manufacturing specific products. We can easily track the batches for specific production orders. Traceability is essential, for example, during complaint proceedings or in food production.

Genealogy tree

At any time, you may type in the name of a batch of a finished product and see what specific batches of raw materials it has been made from. This works both ways – type in the name of a batch of a raw material or a semi-finished product and see for which finished products it has been used. When you encounter a sudden problem with the quality of one of the elements, you don’t have to search the documents for information on it – everything is readily available in the program.

Material batches in warehouse operations

The full integration of production with the stock documentation allows the appropriate batches of raw materials to be automatically recorded for a specific production order. This happens both when you use the storage functions of qcadoo MES and when you integrate with an external storage system (such as Enova, Subiekt GT, or Optima). The finished products taken into stock will also be recorded with the appropriate batch and will be included in the stock documentation. This will allow you to use the genealogy in a fully automated way.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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