Integrate qcadoo MES with external systems

qcadoo MES is integrated with most popular warehouse and sales systems. This will enable synchronization of information between the systems on-line so that you don’t have to enter the same data twice, and thus will put all your data in order. Currently we have integration with Polish software, but we are open to other integrations.

Works with your current warehouse and financial systems

Deploying qcadoo MES you don’t have to make revolution and change your current ERP or other used systems for sales, warehouse or accounting. qcadoo MES will work with it, exchanging all the necessary data like products, companies or warehouses.

Data exchanged on-line

You will see in real time the actual stock of your raw materials, division warehouses and work in progress. The costs of your production orders will be updated bases on real purchase prices of your materials and products will be always up to date. You will no longer need to wait till the end of the month in order to get the actual material stock or actual costs of production. Additionally your accountant will have less work because of up to date information available anytime.

You decide what and when will be synchronized

We know that not every product from warehouse or financial system has to be visible in MES software and vice versa. Not every division warehouse stock has to be accessible for external system, the same goes with finished products warehouse. You decide what data will be visible for what system and how the data should be exchanged.

There is no risk of errors

Thanks to integration of qcadoo MES with your warehouse and financial systems there will be no more errors in data input. All necessary data – i.e. Products, Companies – will be exchanged automatically during each synchronization. So there will be no risk of faulty product code or name. All warehouse operations that deal with production will be fully automatically – so you will no longer need to make manually generate Material Issue Notes. In Addition every operation in one software will be reflected in the other.

Supported integrations

Currently qcadoo MES is integrated with most popular ERP systems on Polish market:

Not only warehouse and financial systems

qcadoo MES can be integrated with other software used in your company. We have integration with label printing software Bartender, integration with SCADA system from Wonderware or integration with ZEBRA printers. If you have specific integration needs for your company – we are ready for help

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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