Manufacturing orders

With qcadoo MES you can manage your manufacturing orders efficiently. Having an insight into their costs, you can easily verify their profitability. By controlling and planning the time-consumption of orders, you are able to propose reliable lead times to your customer. Furthermore, you can select appropriate technologies while checking whether there are no shortages of any raw materials in your warehouse. You will always know what, when and how much needs to be produced.

Plan manufacturing

We supply a user-friendly register of all planned and started manufacturing orders at your company including the dates of starting, planned completion and quantities to be manufactured. You can select the technology which will be used and the production line where the order is to be completed; which machines and manufacturing cells are to be used in the production process and how the order progress is to be registered. The entire knowledge required for effective planning of an order is gathered in one place.

Master orders

In addition to standard production orders, we offer master production orders that can be setup for multiple final products. This is useful if you wish to control orders from customers, who order a lot of different products. At any moment, you can see at the production progress and see how much is left to produce. This also applies if the customer placed an order for a large quantity of goods to be received in batches at given periods of time.

Register the cause of plan change

If, for any reason, the production is stopped, you can easily implement this fact in the system. Interruptions on production lines will be saved with the date and reason for their occurrence and you will know which production line and technology they correspond to. On the basis of clear reports you will be able to check which components at your plant cause the most frequently occurring problems and where there is still place for improvement – this can be, for instance, failure to deliver certain raw materials on time or defect of a particular machine.

Plan production for shifts

Using a built-in shift calendar, you can easily define shifts at your company. To each shift, you can assign appropriate employees, and to particular production lines and machines you can assign the appropriate capacity. On this basis, you can automatically plan production of a given order for several upcoming shifts.

Work instructions

Work instructions are handed out to employees to provide them with information on what should be produced by them and which raw materials and operations should be used. You can print such cards for many orders simultaneously while grouping operations according to any method, e.g. per Departments, Machines or Work Stations. The work instructions can be printed with attachments necessary for proper completion of an order, such as drawings or specifications. Barcodes in each operation enable fast and effective registration of production.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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