Integration with Comarch Optima

If you have implemented Comarch ERP Optima in your company then you can integrate it with qcadoo MES for manufacturing management. All data between them will be exchanged on-line, without any manual process from you.

Integracja qcadoo MES z Comarch ERP Optima

Synchronization of products and companies

Data from Comarch Optima about products, units and companies can be automatically exchanged with qcadoo MES. You can specify which product groups are visible for production, what is intermediate with own technology and what is the final product. Conversion units for every product will be synchronized with qcadoo MES. To sum up – all of your master data can be easily exchanged between this two systems.

Customer orders

Your sales department can still use Comarch ERP Optima for processing orders from clients. In order to automatically convert them into production orders – they just have to mark them with the specific attribute. And your salesman will see in real time what is the progress of manufacturing so he can inform his clients

Material requirements coverage

Based on the customer order and technology for ordered products, qcadoo MES checks in Comarch ERP Optima if all required materials are in the warehouse. Based on settings – you can start the production or wait for all the necessary materials.

Warehouse integration

Based on the production progress, warehouse stock in Comarch ERP Optima will be automatically updated with used materials. Everything that you produce – both final and intermediate products will be sent to warehouse set in Comarch ERP.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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