You can start with simple Management of Production Orders and later add Warehouse Management and support for various places of collecting raw materials in the technology. There is also a dedicated terminal for Production Registration immediately after implementing a module for the Maintenance Department. Yes – we have it all. Discover the functionality of our qcadoo MES.

With qcadoo MES you can manage your manufacturing orders efficiently. Having an insight into their costs, you can easily verify their profitability. By controlling and planning the time-consumption of orders, you are able to propose reliable lead times to your customer. Furthermore, you can select appropriate technologies while checking whether there are no shortages of any raw materials in your warehouse. You will always know what, when and how much needs to be produced.

Plan manufacturing
Master orders
Register the cause of plan change
Plan production for shifts
Work instructions

qcadoo MES enables to have full control of all raw materials required to execute your production orders. It will precisely determine which raw materials you need and their quantity, as well as quickly check the stock and the planned supplies.

Material requirements planning
Monitor stocks
Generate RFQ
Generate the purchase orders
Schedule of planned deliveries
Generate orders for intermediate products

With qcadoo MES you have full control over your supplies. When you enter a new vendor to the system, you can assign particular products to it, which are ordered from that vendor. You can create RFQs for vendors, negotiate supplies and control deliveries that are in progress. This guarantees that you will not be left surprised without an important raw material.

Vendors management
Schedule your deliveries
Generate purchase orders
Generate RFQ
Select best offer
Management of supplies
Integration with external WMS softwar

If a part of your production is commissioned to subcontractors, you know very well how much time this process can consume. Arranging prices, providing technical documentation, issuing raw materials, quality control of intermediate products – these are the situations which occur frequently on a daily basis. qcadoo MES will support you in every such activity, allowing you to better manage subcontracted production while providing you with full transparency of this process.

Subcontractors management
Decide if you outsource or produce in-house
Generate required stock documents for your subcontractors
Orders for subcontracted services
Portal for subcontractors
Monitor your subcontractors work in progress
Costs of subcontracted services
Technical documentation for subcontractors

Even the best-managed production companies, with perfectly matched quality control systems can experience a situation where a raw material will have a defect. In such a case it is important to detect it quickly and check in which products it was used. The Genealogy feature of qcadoo MES comes in handy here.

Batch registration
Batch traceability
Genealogy tree
Material batches in warehouse operations

We will help you plan your production orders taking into account the technology, time-consumption of the operation, performance of machines, production lines, employee shift calendar, availability of raw materials, retooling and many others. Phew, there are so many of them!

Graphical planning on production lines
Production per shifts
Batch planning for master orders
Shifts calendar
Generate work instructions
Graphical scheduler with progress indication
Raw materials change during production
Technology versioning
Consideration of changeovers

One of the key and simple features of qcadoo MES is the possibility of creating various calculations which will help you in evaluating the profitability of orders and optimising production costs. You no longer have to create advanced spreadsheets to quickly calculate time-consumption or costs of an order – our software will do that for you.

Costs of your production order
Margins and additional overheads
Time-consumption of technology
How long your order will take

The actual knowledge of what happens in your production will allow you to see which orders bring you profit and which of them generate a loss. Information registered in the production area, as well as the data obtained from warehouse documentation, will enable you to check the current situation precisely.

Production order settlement
Add production overhead costs
Register the causes of date and quantity changes

Registration of the production progress will give you the possibility of gathering the actual events directly in the production area. This will enable to monitor the production progress in real time, register on-going production and complete accounts of the actual costs.

Various level of recording details
Graphical terminal for easy production registration
Barcodes use for registration
Work instructions
Generate required stock documents

The technology of qcadoo MES is a combination of a bill of materials (BOM) with the production (process) schedule. It combines a detailed list of all raw materials required to manufacture a given product and all tasks which should be performed so that the project is successful.

Technology versioning
Operations registry
Technical documentation and attachments
Overriding technology in order
Structure of the product
Technology generator
Material flow
Calculation of time-consuming
Cost calculation

Warehouse management in qcadoo MES will give you full control over the warehouse stock, supplies and shortages of products which should be restocked. You will create warehouses and define appropriate methods of raw material distribution. Your warehouse documentation will be put in order, mainly through an automated process. You will easily integrate the above data with an internal system used by your company.

Manage your warehouses
All kinds of documents
Picking strategy and additional attributes
Stock balances
Material requirements coverage
Manage your RFQ and purchase orders
Define material flow
Integrate qcadoo MES with external financial and warehouse systems
Mobile terminals support

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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