Material requirement

qcadoo MES enables to have full control of all raw materials required to execute your production orders. It will precisely determine which raw materials you need and their quantity, as well as quickly check the stock and the planned supplies.

Material requirements planning

If you want to be sure that you won’t be short of any raw materials required for executing your production orders, trust qcadoo MES and let it complete this task for you. Our software will allow you to easily check what materials are required to complete the planned production orders, see in what quantities they are needed and generate a clear report covering one or more orders, or a selected date range. Don’t let raw material shortage stop your production.

Monitor stocks

You can quickly check availability of all materials which are required to execute a production plan. You can check the entire company stock, from all warehouses in one place. You can generate material demand which will precisely specify which raw materials you own in sufficient quantities and which raw materials will need to be restocked.

Generate RFQ

Material demand will present which materials and raw materials are insufficient to execute orders. You have the possibility of generating RFQs where you can include the vendors of your interest and send them an enquiry for specifying the price and date of delivery of particular raw materials. This will help you in choosing the best offer every time.

Generate the purchase orders

The RFQs you send can be transformed into orders for products of your interest – at the same time you can change the necessary quantities so you can order a bigger batch of a raw material than it is necessary for the current demand. This will give you full control over the supplies for your production.

Schedule of planned deliveries

qcadoo MES will show you planned deliveries, e.g. for the upcoming week. If it turns out that a crucial raw material is not included in the planned deliveries, you can quickly restock it. This will enable the plan of warehouse operation to correspond to the actual material demand at your company.

Generate orders for intermediate products

When you generate a material demand for the upcoming week, it can turn out that some intermediate products have not been manufactured yet. You can quickly order their manufacture and control the entire process of their production from the material demand level. Once they’re produced, they will be associated with the order for which they are required. This means that you don’t have to plan intermediate products to be stocked in the warehouse in advance but only when they are really necessary.


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