Subcontracting your services

If a part of your production is commissioned to subcontractors, you know very well how much time this process can consume. Arranging prices, providing technical documentation, issuing raw materials, quality control of intermediate products – these are the situations which occur frequently on a daily basis. qcadoo MES will support you in every such activity, allowing you to better manage subcontracted production while providing you with full transparency of this process.

Subcontractors management

qcadoo MES will help you manage your subcontractors – for each of them, you may specify what operations they can perform for you, what are their terms of payment and delivery, what they are currently doing and when they are supposed to deliver another batch of products to you. This allows you to better evaluate your cooperation with each outside company and to always pick the best contractor.

Decide if you outsource or produce in-house

qcadoo MES allows you to have many versions of the same technology, which means that the same product may be manufactured entirely in your plant or you may commission some of the operations to your subcontractors. You only need to copy the technology, selecting the operations to be performed externally.

Generate required stock documents for your subcontractors

Cooperation with subcontractors working with entrusted property often means a large number of stock operations. You need to issue the necessary raw materials and receive the finished products from the company that you cooperate with. In qcadoo MES, you may automatically generate the necessary stock documentation, which will allow you to keep it organised. Your accountant will surely be happy, too. 😉

Orders for subcontracted services

In qcadoo MES, specific jobs for the subcontractors are managed by Subcontractor Orders. You may set them to apply to single or multiple production orders, and specify in details what operations a particular company is commissioned to perform and when. You can see what raw materials you issued for an order and what you received upon its completion. You may assign its related costs, which will update the production settlement of your finished products.

Portal for subcontractors

Working with your subcontractor often means dozens of messages being sent every day, phone calls, documents. Moreover, various people from your company are contacting various people working at the subcontractors. It is often difficult to find the necessary information when problems arise. The Subcontractor’s Portal in qcadoo MES allows you to generate orders for subcontracted services, provide the necessary technical documents, monitor the progress of the production, issue raw materials and receive the products. It is the most convenient and efficient way of communication with your subcontractors.

Monitor your subcontractors work in progress

qcadoo MES gives your subcontractors a place where they can easily report the completion of each batch of products. You know everything about the progress of the production of your subcontractor, while they can see how much time they have left until they need to deliver the commissioned semi-finished products.

Costs of subcontracted services

The services performed by your subcontractors incur certain costs. It is important to adequately monitor those costs and include them in the cost of the final products. qcadoo MES will allow you to easily settle the production costs taking into consideration the subcontracted operations.

Technical documentation for subcontractors

You often need to submit complete technical documentation for subcontracted operations – sometimes it consists of updated versions of files, which are sent later, during the execution of the order. Such information often gets lost in the inbox. In qcadoo MES, you simply attach the appropriate files to each technology or order that your subcontractor carries out. Therefore, there is always one place where all of the interested parties may check what has been agreed upon and how it is supposed to be carried out.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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