Warehouse management

Warehouse management in qcadoo MES will give you full control over the warehouse stock, supplies and shortages of products which should be restocked. You will create warehouses and define appropriate methods of raw material distribution. Your warehouse documentation will be put in order, mainly through an automated process. You will easily integrate the above data with an internal system used by your company.

Manage your warehouses

In qcadoo MES, we give you the ability to create your own warehouses, which you can name however you like and specify the method for logistic management. You may specify which stocks to integrate with your financial and accounting system, and which to make visible only for the purposes of production management. This will allow you to reconcile the accounting requirements with the needs of effective production management.

All kinds of documents

Our system will let you easily create any stock documentation necessary for the proper functioning of your company. Receiving or delivering materials externally or internally? Issuing materials or transferring them between warehouse locations? Each of your operations will be saved in the system. You will have access to dates and specific products and batches. No more mess in the papers!

Picking strategy and additional attributes

When creating the stocks, you may precisely specify their product picking strategy (FIFO, LIFO, etc.). You also have the option to specify additional attributes (fields) that will be included in your stock documentation, and to specify which ones are required and which ones are not (such as the production date or the batch numbers). This will allow you to automatically introduce batch number tracking into your production.

Stock balances

You may check your stock balances at any time. You will be presented with a well-organised table with all of the raw materials that you have available, listed with their assigned stocks, with their quantities and minimum balances specified. This will allow you to always respond early and prevent any important raw material from running out.

Material requirements coverage

When you want to order some new goods and you are not sure if they will be useful in the immediate future, you only need to generate the material requirement coverage. You can generate the demand for specific orders or for a specified period of time (e.g. a month ahead). This will give you a full view of which raw materials you are lacking or will be lacking in the immediate future, and will allow you to eliminate any possible stoppages.

Manage your RFQ and purchase orders

You can also use qcadoo MES to freely order products from your suppliers. You will be able to quickly make an order for the raw materials that you are interested in and will receive the delivery when the courier arrives with the goods. You may also create RFQ’s and negotiation rounds. All of this will allow you to always pick the raw materials with the best prices, quality and delivery times.

Define material flow

For each technology, you may specify the flow of the raw materials and semi-finished products, which means you are specifying from where (from which stocks) to take the raw materials for production and where to store the finished products. This will let you have full control over the circulation of materials in your company with little effort and time.

Integrate qcadoo MES with external financial and warehouse systems

system. Our customers have no problems with combining our software with programs such as Subiekt, Enova, Optima or CDN XL. Together, we decide on which data to synchronise and where you will have your stocks or deliveries. This is a convenient solution that will eliminate duplication of information.

Mobile terminals support

Your people can use mobile terminals for the warehouse operations. Barcode scanning, entering quantities, generating required documents – everything paperless and online. We have ready made modules for Windows CE devices.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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