Purchasing management

With qcadoo MES you have full control over your supplies. When you enter a new vendor to the system, you can assign particular products to it, which are ordered from that vendor. You can create RFQs for vendors, negotiate supplies and control deliveries that are in progress. This guarantees that you will not be left surprised without an important raw material.

Vendors management

From the companies with which you cooperate you can define your vendors and you can assign particular products to it, which are ordered from that vendor. You can specify convenient delivery dates and payment methods. When you create an RFQ you can decide which vendors will receive it.

Schedule your deliveries

You can plan deliveries covering on-going material demand for current orders as well as for planned orders. This way, when you generate the list of raw materials required to execute your production plan, the report will also present information about planned deliveries with exact dates.

Generate purchase orders

qcadoo MES will enable you to quickly order all the required raw materials and intermediary products which are used in your production. All you have to do is select products of your interest from the list, mark which vendor will supply them as well which warehouse and when should they be delivered to. Then, with just one click, you can generate a document with the Order which can be sent to the vendor.

Generate RFQ

If prior to ordering the products you want to know what conditions are offered by a given vendor, you can generate an RFQ where you will include the parameters of your interest, such as the price and date of delivery. When you are satisfied with the terms offered by a given vendor, you can place an order.

Select best offer

If you already know exactly which raw materials you need to effectively execute the production plan, you can send the RFQ to several vendors to select the most competitive offer. Once you obtain price quotes in response to your enquiries, you can select the ones which meet your needs best and on that basis you can plan your deliveries.

Management of supplies

Management of supplies in qcadoo MES is simple and pleasant. You can select all products in one place which you want to order, generate appropriate documents and collect goods supplied by a vendor when they arrive. Each delivery can be collected in parts. This will give you full control over supplies without consuming your valuable time.

Integration with external WMS software

Our software can be integrated with external warehouse and sales systems (currently we have integration with Polish software) which you currently use for managing a warehouse and accepting supplies. This will enable synchronization of information between the systems so that you don’t have to enter the same data twice, and thus will put all your data in order.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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