One of the key and simple features of qcadoo MES is the possibility of creating various calculations which will help you in evaluating the profitability of orders and optimising production costs. You no longer have to create advanced spreadsheets to quickly calculate time-consumption or costs of an order – our software will do that for you.

Costs of your production order

By generating the cost calculation for a production order, you will get a clear division into material costs, labour costs and costs of equipment operation. You know exactly what partial costs contribute to the total cost of any given product. In addition, you are also able to allow for the costs of manufacturing of the semi-finished products necessary for completing an order.


While making the cost calculation, you may also allow for the piecework of your employees. It will be added to the total costs of manufacturing of the product.

Margins and additional overheads

While generating the cost calculation for an order, you may select specific margins in advance, such as operational costs markups or material costs overheads. They will be taken into consideration in the calculation results.

Time-consumption of technology

In order to carefully plan out the production, you need to know how much time-consuming is the technology that you wish to use in the manufacturing of a product. qcadoo MES will help you with that by performing a precise calculation taking into consideration the starting time, the number of products to be manufactured, the working time of the equipment and employees, and any other additional times. This will give you clear information on when you will be able to deliver that particular batch of the product.

How long your order will take

By planning out a production order before it even starts, you are able to calculate precisely how much time it will take for your staff to complete it. You will be able to create a simulation of the operational plan, which will show you the precise duration of each operation (action) that must be performed, divided into staff and equipment loads. You may also see that simulation in the embedded calendar. This will allow you to smartly plan out the completion dates for your orders.

Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet solution for production management targeted at Small and Medium companies

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